PMA, Pinebrook Trails, and PHOA Meetings Clarification

There has been significant discussion on social media recently relating to the parking permit program in Pinebrook. Hopefully the following points will help clarify a few things:

The Pinebrook Master Association (PMA) and Pinebrook Homeowners Association (PHOA) are separate associations. There are 13 Associations in Pinebrook, most of which (including the PHOA) are members of the PMA. The PMA owns and has responsibility over the majority of the private trail system and parks, excluding the Ecker Hill and Pickleball Parks which are PHOA property.

The PMA formed the Pinebrook Trails Committee to address matters relating specifically to Pinebrook’s trail system. In an effort to stop non-members using the trails, parks and parking areas in Pinebrook, they implemented the parking permit program for PMA members. Please visit the PMA website for more information.

The PMA is holding a regular work-session board meeting on November 11th, however, as noted on the PMA website, they already have a full agenda and discussion regarding the trails and parking passes will not be taken at that meeting.

The PHOA’s annual meeting is on November 16th at 6pm at the Park City Day School. PHOA members are encouraged to attend, however, the meeting will not be a forum to discuss the parking permit program because the PHOA has no authority over the program.

The PMA is holding an informational meeting via Zoom on November 18th at 7pm to answer questions that PMA members have regarding the parking permit program. Please visit for additional information and to receive a link to the meeting.

Please keep in mind that members of the PMA & PHOA boards along with the Trails Committee are residents of Pinebrook who have graciously volunteered their time for the benefit of the community. Thank you.