Fire Safety

Since September 2018, Pinebrook has had an organized effort to address wildfire risk in our community.

The Pinebrook Homeowner Association coordinates all of its fire safety efforts with the Pinebrook Master Association (PMA).  The two HOAs have a joint fire safety committee (known as the Pinebrook Fire Safety Committee).  The Pinebrook Fire Safety Committee coordinates community efforts for professional forestry work on both HOAs’ open space, volunteer activities, writing of grant applications, and community education initiatives.  The committee also actively collaborates with other organizations throughout Summit County including the Park City Fire District, the Summit County Fire Warden’s office, the Summit County Emergency Management office, Summit County Open Space Management office, and other homeowners associations focused on mitigating wildfire risk.  The committee also maintains an email list for residents interested in its initiatives and it distributes relevant information to residents from time-to-time.

Pinebrook Homeowner Association’s Current Rules & Regulations adopted 03/01/2022, include certain requirements for homeowners related to the maintenance of fire-safe properties.  In brief, the use of fireworks and open fires are prohibited, and properties are required to be kept clear of dead and dying trees and brush.  See the following sections of the Current Rules & Regulations for additional details:  Section 8 (Fireworks / Hazardous Activities), Section 9 (Dead Tree Removal), Section 10 (Open Fires, Fire Pits, Chimeneas) and Section 11 (Fire Prevention and Yard Maintenance.  These rules and regulations align with the standards and approaches adopted by the National Fire Prevention Association and other fire safety organizations.

The Pinebrook Fire Safety Committee publishes an annual Year-in-Review document and has published a Wildfire Emergency Planning Information handout that includes Evacuation Routes which it encourages all Pinebrook residents to review and be familiar with.  These documents and others published by the Pinebrook Fire Safety Committee can be found on the PMA website’s Fire Safety page via this link:  We don’t duplicate the materials on the PMA website here.  Instead, we encourage all residents of Pinebrook Homeowners Association to visit and become familiar with the fire safety related materials on the PMA website and to reach out to the Pinebrook Fire Safety Committee directly with any questions or concerns on this important topic at: