Homeowner Info

The Pinebrook HOA does not include all homes or residences in the Pinebrook area.  Please note that the following subdivisions within Pinebrook are members of the Pinebrook HOA:

  1. Boothill
  2. Ecker Hill Plat A, B, C and D
  3. Pinebrook Estates
  4. Pineridge
  5. Sunridge

Click to enlarge. Green areas represent homes within the Pinebrook HOA. Red areas represent other HOAs.

The following subdivisions or developments are not members of the Pinebrook HOA:

  1. Brook Hollow
  2. Cedar Ridge
  3. Courtyards at Pinebrook
  4. Eagle Ridge
  5. Elk Meadows
  6. Elk Run – all phases
  7. High Meadows **
  8. Horsethief Canyon Ranch – all phases
  9. Pinebrook Cottages
  10. Pinecreek Condos
  11. Pinebrook Pointe
  12. Ranch Condos

** New construction in High Meadows is subject to Pinebrook Architectural Control Committee review and approval.

Members of the Pinebrook Master Association are as follows:

  1. Brook Hollow
  2. Cedar Ridge
  3. Courtyards at Pinebrook
  4. Elk Meadows
  5. Elk Run – Phase 4
  6. High Meadows
  7. Horsethief Canyon Ranch – Phases 1 and 2
  8. Pinebrook Cottages
  9. Pinebrook Estates
  10. Pinebrook Pointe
  11. Pinebrook Subdivision No. 11 (Sunbrook) and Eagle Ridge at Pinebrook Subdivisions 13, 14 & 15
  12. Pinecreek Condos

The Pinebrook Master Association Insurance Certificate can be viewed here.

The pavilion at Pinebrook Park is available to any member of the Pinebrook Master Association.  To request a reservation for the Pinebrook Park Pavilion, please visit www.pinebrookmasterassn.org.

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