Home Fire Inspection Program

The Park City Fire District has announced a Wildland Structure Inspection Program, designed to give homeowners one-on-one training at their home to assess their structures and determine what actions are needed to increase the safety of their home in the event of a wildfire.  The service is free and available on a first come-first served basis.  The approximately one hour inspection will include a detailed assessment of the home, the landscaping, and any outbuildings.  At the end of the assessment the homeowner will have a detailed list of items that can be addressed to help protect the home in the event of a wildfire and a personalized evacuation plan.  Visit the Fire District’s website at www.pcfd.org to register for the service. 

Separately, we encourage all members of the Pinebrook community to stay informed about our Pinebrook Fire Safety Committee’s initiatives. If you aren’t already on that email distribution list, please send an email to pinebrookfiresafety@gmail.com and you will be added.