February 1st Board Meeting & Woodward Notices

Thursday’s meeting is a regularly-scheduled, one-hour business meeting of the PHOA Board. The Board holds its regular meetings at the Gorgoza office, where space is limited. The Board always sets aside the first 10 or so minutes of each meeting for input from PHOA members, who are always welcome to attend. One PHOA member asked if he could use that time at the February meeting to inform the Board about his concerns regarding the proposed Woodward project, and time was set aside at Thursday’s Board meeting for that purpose. He did not ask that the Board give notice of and hold a general meeting of PHOA members, and the recent flyers and internet invitations regarding the meeting were neither authored nor distributed by the Pinebrook Homeowners Association, appearances notwithstanding. When the Board schedules general meetings for its members, it provides proper notice and arranges for a facility sufficient for those who are likely to attend.