2016 Spring Cleanup Days

The spring cleanup days have been scheduled for Saturday, May 28th through Sunday, June 5th.  As in prior years, dumpsters will be made available to Pinebrook residents and located in the parking lot of the Pinebrook Park.  Crews from Gorgoza Mutual Water Co. will be chipping wood brought to the park with less than a 6″ diameter, so the event will be a good time to remove deadfall and winter-kill from your property in an effort to reduce fire danger this summer.

Please do not dispose of ANY hazardous or bio hazardous chemicals or waste, explosives, propane bottles, paint, medicine, etc.  There are hazardous waste collection days scheduled through the summer sponsored by Recycle Utah that will accept these items.  Construction debris is also not allowed.

Thanks for your cooperation.  Additional information will follow on the website and in a forthcoming newsletter.