We have been made aware of several burglaries and thefts in our community this summer. The dark and secluded streets in Pinebrook make it easy for criminals to take advantage of opportunities if we let them, so the best way to protect yourself is to take away those opportunities. CLOSE YOUR GARAGE DOORS AT NIGHT, KEEP VEHICLES LOCKED AND VALUABLES OUT OF SIGHT, AND DON’T LEAVE KEYS IN YOUR VEHICLES. Below is a response from Captain Andrew Leatham that we received the last time there were numerous thefts reported in Pinebrook:

“Thank you for your recent email to Sheriff Edmunds. Since I am the Captain over Patrol, Sheriff Edmunds asked me to respond. Unfortunately both Pinebrook and Jeremy Ranch have seen a significant increase in the number of vehicle burglaries, residential burglaries, and thefts during the past couple of months. Both Pinebrook and Jeremy Ranch have equally been targeted, and it appears that the crimes are those of opportunity. In almost all cases, the burglars and thieves have had easy access to homes and cars. Doors have been left open, valuables have been left in plain sight, and keys have been left in ignitions. Although Pinebrook’s streets are darker and more secluded than those in Jeremy Ranch the number of crimes committed in each area are relatively equal, indicating to us, that proper lighting, securing of garage doors, locking of vehicles, and not leaving valuable items in plain view is a much greater factor in preventing crime than location. As you have indicated, Pinebrook is very expanisve subdivision, and although uniformed security patrol has a deterrant effect, the security patrols cannot be in all places all of the time. As you might be aware, Jeremy Ranch has its own security patrol which is staffed largely by off duty police officers, yet crimes have still increased in that area.

In response to your request for extra patrols, I can tell you that we are already do this. We have conducted analyses of the recent crimes commited in the area, and have conducted saturation patrols and surveillance operations in the area. We have brought in additional un marked units and officers from Salt Lake to assist in these operations. We are utilizing intelligence based policing techniques to help identify patterns and increasing staffing at locations and times where the patterns indicate. In the coming weeks, we also plan to bring on additional patrol deputies with bicycles to patrol the streets in Pinebrook and in Jeremy Ranch. We are trying hard to catch those responsible for this incursion into our community, and we are taking it rather personally.

It would be extremely helpful for the HOAs in both Pinebrook and Jeremy Ranch to get the message out to all of your neighbors. Better security practices, more vigilance, and calling the Sheriff’s Office when any type of suspicious activity is observed would be greatly appreciated. I hope I have answered your questions appropriately. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitiate to call me directly at anytime. Thanks for your support!”

Captain Andrew Leatham

Patrol Bureau Chief

Summit County Sheriff’s Office

(435) 615-3517 office

(435) 640-6727 cell