• Board Meeting August 6th

    The next regular meeting of the Pinebrook HOA board is scheduled for Tuesday, August 6th. There will not be a board meeting in July. As always, members are welcome to attend, and if you have anything specific to discuss please contact the HOA through the website to be added to the agenda. Thank you.

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  • Wildfire Safety and Preparedness

    Summit County Fire Warden Bryce Boyer will present on neighborhood fire safety plans for Pinebrook/Summit County. Please plan on attending Wednesday May 29 at 7p.m. at the Park City Day School.

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    Dumpsters and wood chipper will be provided by the Pinebrook Master Association and Pinebrook Homeowners Association again this year from Saturday, May 25th to Sunday, June 2nd. They will be in the usual location in the parking lot of the Pinebrook Park. In the past few years, use of the dumpsters has increasingly been abused by non-residents, landscape companies, after-hour dumping in the parking lot (not in the dumpsters), and dumping of toxic and hazardous materials. Crews may implement additional screening and security measures this year to help control and manage the cleanup efforts. Continued abuse could ultimately lead to discontinuation of this highly valued service. Please:

    1.) Do not invite your friends in neighboring communities to use Pinebrook’s dumpsters.

    2.) All disposed materials must be placed in the dumpsters and wood stacked in marked locations for chipping. Do not dump truckloads of debris in the parking lot for the crews to pick up and dispose of in the dumpsters.

    3.) If you hire a landscape company to help with spring cleanup, please make sure they are only acting on your behalf. They are not allowed to dispose of waste and debris from other customers in other neighborhoods.

    4.) Do not dump anything toxic or hazardous! NO paint, paint rags, tires, propane tanks, chemicals, needles and medical waste, batteries, etc. Save those for Summit County’s Hazard Material Collection event on April 27th instead.

    5.) If you are unable to haul your trees or branches to the park to be chipped, you will need to contact a private chipping service or the Park City Fire District to sign up for their free mobile chipping service. Their schedule will fill quickly, so don’t delay. THE PHOA DOES NOT PROVIDE MOBILE CHIPPING SERVICES.

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  • Invasive Weed Mitigation

    The Summit County Cooperative Weed Management Area (Summit County CWM) in cooperation with the Summit County and Salt Lake Weed Control Departments, Park City, and Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District, have been awarded a competitive grant from the Utah State Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) to map and treat two state listed noxious weeds, garlic mustard and spotted knapweed.

    Please help us contain the spread of these high priority invasive plants by participating in this county wide management effort. Read more here.

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  • Pinebrook/Jeremy Ranch Roundabouts Coming this Summer

    Summit County, in coordination with UDOT, will build two new roundabouts at the I-80/Jeremy Ranch-Pinebrook interchange. The county webpage for the project can be found here. This project will optimize mobility and enhance safety for residents and commuters. Multiple studies found roundabouts to be the most effective long-term solution to address growth and traffic congestion at this interchange. Improvements include:

    • Two roundabouts
    • Separated trails
    • Improved transit connectivity
    • Pedestrian accommodations
    Overview of the project

    Obviously, this project will have major impacts on Pinebrook residents. Important dates and facts:

    1. The anticipated start date is early May, weather permitting, and the county hopes to finish all major infrastructure by October-November 2019.  Final landscaping and cleanup will most likely be completed in late 2019 or 2020.
    2. The park-and-ride lot on Rasmussen road will be closed during construction, with the bus pickup being moved to the Ecker Hill Middle School parking lot.
    3. The contract allows for night-time work for low-impact type of construction, such as paving, curb and gutter, etc.  Jack-hammering, blasting or other loud activities will not be permitted.
    4. Summit County will disseminate information via Nextdoor.com, their website, and email.  You can sign up for email alerts regarding road construction here. Information regarding detours and construction schedules will be provided with as much advanced notice as possible so commuters will have time to plan their travel schedule.

    Please respect that the Pinebrook HOA has no influence in this matter. Summit County has pledged to pass along timely information to the affected communities as quickly as possible. Questions and concerns should be directed to the County via their contact information above.  Please do not contact your Homeowners Association with concerns/complaints. The County and UDOT own the construction project, construction timeline, and any related problems the project may cause.

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  • 2019 Annual Meeting of the Pinebrook Homeowners Association

    The annual meeting of the Pinebrook Homeowners Association for 2019 has been scheduled on Tuesday, April 16th, 7:00 pm at the offices of Gorgoza Mutual Water Company.  The official meeting notice and agenda can be found here. If you can’t attend and wish to make another current HOA member your proxy, that form can be found here. Please deliver any signed proxies in a timely manner to the secretary or an HOA board member. Thank you.

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  • Water Outage – Stagecoach Drive 2/16/19-UPDATED


    A break in the water main on Stagecoach Drive occurred at approximately 2pm on Saturday, February 16th.

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  • Dig Out Your Fire Hydrants

    It doesn’t take long for fire hydrants to get buried once it starts snowing for real in Park City. Please make the effort (or recruit a few neighborhood high school students) to dig out the fire hydrants near your home if they’ve been buried. There are dozens of hydrants in Pinebrook, and even though Gorgoza Mutual Water Company’s staff tries to keep as many cleared as possible, there’s simply too many hydrants and not enough staff to get to them all. Your cooperation and efforts are greatly appreciated!

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    The next Pinebrook HOA board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 5th at 7pm at the offices of Gorgoza Mutual Water Co.  As always, members of the PHOA are welcome to attend.  If anyone has items they’d like to discuss with the board, please send an email through the website to be added to the agenda.  Thank you.

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  • Board Meeting January 8, 2019

    The next Pinebrook HOA board meeting is scheduled for , Tuesday, January 8th, 2019 at 7pm at the offices of Gorgoza Mutual Water Co.  As always, members of the PHOA are welcome to attend.  If anyone has items they’d like to discuss, please send an email through the website to be added to the agenda.  Thank you.

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