• PHOA/PMA Board Meetings Thursday, September 6th

    The Pinebrook HOA and Pinebrook Master Association boards will meet in a joint session on Thursday, September 6th at 6pm to discuss concerns regarding dead trees in Pinebrook common area and on private property.  The Pinebrook HOA’s regularly scheduled board meeting will follow at 7pm.  Both meetings will be held at the offices of Gorgoza Mutual Water Company.  As always, members are welcome to attend.

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  • Water Line Excavation in Ecker Hill Park

    Please note, a portion of Ecker Hill Park as well as the sand lot and playground area are temporarily closed while crews from Gorgoza Mutual Water Company install a water line through the area.  Please avoid this section of the park for the next few days until work has been completed.  Thanks for your patience.

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  • Ecker Hill Parking Lot Seal Coating Postponed to 08/16

    Due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts, the date for the Ecker Hill Park parking lot to be seal coated and re-striped has been postponed to Thursday, August 16th.  We don’t have an exact time when crews will perform the work, but if you plan on playing tennis or using the park that day, please make arrangements to not park your vehicle there.  The lot will remain closed for at least a day or two to allow the seal coat to dry.  Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

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  • Pinebrook Summer Party this Saturday, August 11th

    Just a reminder that the annual summer party for members of the Pinebrook HOA will be this Saturday evening at 5pm the Pinebrook Park. Dickies BBQ will be providing the catering.  Please join us for a nice evening in the park!  Bring chairs or blankets, but please leave the dog(s) at home.  Thanks, and we hope to see you there!

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  • Fireworks are Banned in Pinebrook

    In accordance with Section 8 of the Rules and Regulations adopted by the board of trustees on June 6, 2018, fireworks of any kind are banned in Pinebrook, and penalties as allowed by the Rules may be assessed.  The upcoming 4th of July holiday will most likely be hot, and the dry conditions experienced this year have resulted in a particularly dangerous situation.  ALL open fires, fire crackers and aerial fireworks are prohibited.   Please pass along the information to your friends and neighbors to help keep Pinebrook safe.  Thank you once again for your understanding and cooperation.

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  • HOA Members Adopt New Rules

    On Wednesday June 6, 2018, a special meeting of the Board of Trustees was held, having been properly noticed on April 20, 2018. The purpose of the meeting was to give Members an opportunity to make comment about a proposed set of Rules and Regulations before the Board took a vote. The Board greatly appreciates the large number of Members who participated in the meeting. One Board Member remarked that he could not recall any other association meeting in recent history where so many Members were in attendance. It was literally standing room only! The Board also appreciated the courtesy demonstrated by all participants.

    After almost two hours of constructive comments, the Board closed the member comment portion of the meeting and deliberated the rules. The Board unanimously approved the proposed Rules and Regulations, with only minor format and clarifying changes requested by the members in attendance. For example, reference was added to the Summit County Noise Ordinance as a standard in the rule concerning “Noises and Nuisances.” As requested, the adopted Rules also clarify the difference between a Continuing Violation and a Repeated Violation using the language already in the proposed rules.

    During the comment period, a Member reminded all in attendance that Pinebrook is a community and that Members should always try to resolve disputes among themselves before involving the Association. The Board would like to emphasize this helpful suggestion. If you encounter behavior in our community that you believe is inconsistent with the Declaration or these Rules and Regulations, please discuss the situation with your neighbor if possible. Experience has shown that most issues can be resolved on that level. However, if you are not able to resolve the issue for any reason, you may always raise the matter with the Association.

    Should it become necessary to make a complaint or report a violation of the Declaration or the Rules and Regulations, please do so in writing, by mail or email. Please refer to https://www.pbhoa.org/ for additional information. Please identify yourself and the other individual(s) involved, and include a description of the behavior at issue that includes, but may not be limited to, the location of the incident(s), time of day, frequency of behavior, photos or videos (with time stamps) if available, etc. The Association’s Trustees will investigate and attempt to resolve the situation, but please be patient and remember that we are all volunteers.

    The Board wants to again thank all who participated in the June 6 meeting. Here are the Final Rules and Regulations as adopted. If you have questions or concerns about these Rules or any other issue at Pinebrook, you may go to the HOA contact form and submit a message to the Board.



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  • Park City Fire District Wood Chipping Services

    Thank you for a very successful spring cleanup effort over the Memorial Day holiday weekend.  For those of you who didn’t have an opportunity to take your dead-fall or tree trimmings to the park for chipping, or you have more to chip as the summer progresses, the Park City Fire District provides a free curbside chipping service.  Please visit their website at https://www.pcfd.org/fire-prevention/wood-chipping/ to sign up.   They will not chip your wood pile unless you’ve signed up, and you’re encouraged to do so as soon as possible because of the popularity of this service.  Please read their FAQ’s and follow their guidelines to make the process as efficient as possible.  Thank you!

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  • Continued Fire Mitigation in Toll Canyon and Summit Park

    The following was received from Jessica Kirby with Basin Recreation regarding fire mitigation work being done in Toll Canyon and upper Summit Park.

    For immediate release:

    Please see attached notice of fire mitigation work being performed in Toll Canyon Open Space.  Basin Recreation and Utah Forestry, Fire and State Lands will continue forest management efforts and fire mitigation along the jeep roads in Toll Canyon.  Work will be ongoing this week and possibly into the end of the month, June 4-30.  Mitigation work will be done within an 80ft buffer of the jeep road, known as Hoof-it. For your safety, recreation users should use caution and attempt to stay clear of working areas.  Signs will be posted in working areas.  There will not be a public firewood collection, at this time.  Efforts will focus on removing underbrush and ladder fuels. This work will conclude the efforts from the Catastrophic Fire Mitigation Grant funds provided by UFFSL in 2017.  Attached is information that has been posted on trailheads and a map.  Please distribute information freely.

    2017-18 Fire Mitigation Project

    • Crews were scheduled to start work on Monday June 4.

    • The plan is to complete work by June 30

    • Project is fully funded by Forestry Fire and State lands grant money

    • Shaded fuels break.   This will be 80 ft on both sides of the existing jeep roads, as depicted on attached map. All dead standing and down will be removed.  All ladder fuels will be removed. Conifers will be trimmed up 5-6ft.

    • Conifers will be isolated from other conifers.

    • Piles will be made in open areas for future burning.

    • See attached map for a detailed location of the area slated for work.

    • Signs have been posted at trailhead and access points.

    See Attachments: 2018MitigationNotice2018FireMitigation

    As always, please let me know if you have any questions

    Jessica Kirby, GISP

    Open Space Management Supervisor

    Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District

    5715 Trailside Drive

    Park City, Utah 84098


    office: 435-649-1564 Ext. 26


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  • Spring Trail/Creek Trail Closed

    The Pinebrook HOA has been informed that Gorgoza Mutual Water crews will be installing a water line from the Spring Tank above Buckboard Drive to the Pinebrook Park this summer.  Unfortunately, the trails that runs along the creek at the base of Ecker Hill will be closed during the construction period, estimated at about two months.   Please enjoy the other trails in Pinebrook so crews can finish the work safely and as soon as possible.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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  • Noxious Weeds & Garlic Mustard Control

    Summit County has partnered with other State and local groups to help treat and contain garlic mustard, a class 1b state noxious weed.  As a homeowner, you should have received a notice recently from Summit County with procedures on how to sign up for a contractor to treat the weed if it exists on your property.  If you have this noxious weed on your property, you are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this free County service.  Controlling garlic mustard is a benefit you as well as the community.  Please visit this link for more information.  Summit County Weed Division.


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