From Gorgoza Mutual Water Company July 10, 2021

    Following guidance from the State of Utah and Summit County, Gorgoza Mutual Water Company is implementing mandatory watering restrictions effective immediately.  Gorgoza’s water resources remain adequate to meet demand, however, in response to Utah’s extreme drought conditions and to prepare for a possible long-term drought cycle, restrictions have become necessary as follows: 

    • Even-numbered addresses only water Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
    • Odd-numbered addresses only water Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
    • No watering Sunday to allow wells to recharge.

    While no more than three days per week is mandatory, Gorgoza strongly urges all shareholders, especially those at higher elevations and on north-facing slopes or heavily shaded lots, to voluntarily commit to watering only two days per week as follows:

    • Even-numbered addresses only water Monday and Friday.
    • Odd-numbered addresses only water Tuesday and Saturday.

    The Ecker Hill Middle School and Homeowner Associations will be contacted directly and placed on watering schedules more specific to their needs and location.  In addition, spring water deliveries to Mount Olympus Water have been reduced by 50%.  (Please note, spring water revenue has funded several infrastructure projects over the years, and Pinebrook uses the same amount of water in one summer day as is delivered to Mount Olympus Water in about four months.)  

    All watering must be on the day specified, whether in the early morning or late evening, but not during daylight hours.  Noncompliance with the mandatory watering schedules, excessive usage, or unrepaired leaks may result in the assessment of monetary penalties. 

    If you haven’t already done so, please sign up for a free WaterSmart account on Gorgoza’s website or visit www.gorgozawater.watersmart.com to actively monitor your water usage and be alerted of potential water leaks.  It is a valuable tool to help monitor and control your water usage. 

    Thank you very much for your cooperation and understanding.

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  • August Board Meeting

    The next regularly schedule board meeting will be held Tuesday, August 17th at 6pm at the offices of Gorgoza Mutual Water Company at 7950 Pinebrook Road.  Members of the Pinebrook HOA are always welcome to attend.

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    It’s no mystery that Utah is in extreme drought and experiencing the hottest temperatures on record. Pinebrook is fortunate to be serviced by Gorgoza Mutual Water Company, which is arguably one of the best water distribution systems in the State of Utah. While their system is exceptional, it is ultimately up to the shareholders to use their water wisely:

    1. Reduce your usage inside and outside your home: Water use triples between winter months and summer months, and the vast majority of that increase is simply to keep turf grass green. It’s ok if your grass browns a bit, and doing so will save a significant amount of water every month. Maintenance staff for the Ecker Hill Park and Pickleball Park (PHOA properties), have been instructed to cut water use to the point of browning this summer.
    2. Watering Schedule: Gorgoza is advising watering no more than three days a week: EVEN addresses Monday, Wednesday and Friday and ODD addresses Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. NO WATERING ON SUNDAY. Water only at night or early morning and never during the day. Gorgoza reserves the right to implement further mandatory restrictions as the summer progresses. Gorgoza is monitoring individual usage through their AMI system and shareholders will be notified of high usage and/or potential leaks. Fines may be issued for uncontrolled and excessive water use.
    3. Individual and HOA usage: If your neighbors are wasting water, talk to them about it. If you have friends located in other HOA’s in Pinebrook, please ask them to speak to their board about reducing water use in their HOA common areas. They should contact Gorgoza Water Co. directly for irrigation scheduling.
    4. Spring Water Sales: The purchaser has been notified that deliveries will be restricted. For those of you wondering about the quantity of spring water being delivered; the amount of water used by Gorgoza Water Company shareholders in 24 hours during the summer is approximately the same quantity of spring water delivered in two months. On an annual basis, spring water sales are only a fraction of the total production of Gorgoza’s system. However, the revenue generated is about seven times the class A shareholder rate and has funded infrastructure improvements for the past several year as well as the newly implemented AMI (Advanced Meter Infrastructure) System.
    5. WaterSmart: Please sign up for the WaterSmart app to monitor your water usage in real-time. It’s easy, free and has features that’ll help you detect leaks and reduce water usage which will also reduce your monthly water assessment. For more information and to sign up please follow this link: https://www.gorgozawater.com/watersmart/.

    It’s going to be another long, hot summer so it is important that everyone does their part. Thank you for your cooperation!

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  • June Board Meeting

    The next regularly schedule board meeting will be held LIVE on Tuesday, June 15th at 6pm at the offices of Gorgoza Mutual Water Company at 7950 Pinebrook Road.  Members of the Pinebrook HOA are always welcome to attend.

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  • 2021 Spring cleanup

    Dumpsters and wood chipper will be provided by the Pinebrook Master Association and Pinebrook Homeowners Association again this year from Saturday, May 29th to Sunday, June 6th.

    They will be in the usual location in the parking lot of the Pinebrook Park. In the past few years, use of the dumpsters has increasingly been abused by non-residents, landscape companies, after-hour dumping in the parking lot (not in the dumpsters), and dumping of toxic and hazardous materials. Crews may implement additional screening and security measures this year to help control and manage the cleanup efforts. Continued abuse could ultimately lead to discontinuation of this highly valued service. Please:

    1.) Do not invite your friends in neighboring communities to use Pinebrook’s dumpsters.

    2.) All disposed materials must be placed in the dumpsters and wood stacked in marked locations for chipping. Do not dump truckloads of debris in the parking lot for the crews to pick up and dispose of in the dumpsters.

    3.) If you hire a landscape company to help with spring cleanup, please make sure they are only acting on your behalf. They are not allowed to dispose of waste and debris from other customers in other neighborhoods.

    4.) Do not dump anything toxic or hazardous! NO used appliances, paint, paint rags, tires, propane tanks, chemicals, needles and medical waste, batteries, etc. Save those for Summit County’s Hazard Material Collection events instead.

    5.)  Do not dump mattresses or box springs.

    6.) If you are unable to haul your trees or branches to the park to be chipped, you will need to contact a private chipping service or the Park City Fire District to sign up for their free mobile chipping service. Their schedule will fill quickly, so don’t delay. NEITHER THE PHOA OR PMA PROVIDE MOBILE, CURBSIDE CHIPPING SERVICES.

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  • April Board Meeting

    The Pinebrook HOA board of directors has scheduled their next virtual meeting for April 13th at 5pm. If you would like to attend, you must submit an email to the Association by noon on April 12th and a link to the meeting will be emailed to you. Please include any questions or items you’d like added to the agenda. Thank you.

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  • 2021 Assessments due March 1st.

    Invoices for the 2021 annual Pinebrook HOA assessment have been sent, please check your mailbox this week. the 2021 assessment remains at $400 and is due by March 1st. Please note, the Pinebrook HOA does not accept credit cards, so please pay by check or schedule an online payment with your banking institution. Payments can also be placed in the DROP BOX on the east side of the parking lot of Gorgoza Mutual Water Company. Because of COVID restrictions, please do not enter Gorgoza’s office to deliver your payment. THANKS!

    As a reminder, the Pinebrook Master Association dues are included in your Pinebrook HOA dues, so as a member of the PMA you are entitled to the use of the private Pinebrook trail system, Pinebrook Park amenities, Ecker Hill Park amenities and tennis court as well as the Pickleball court and park. The PHOA also maintains and provides snow removal service at the mailbox buildings for the Ecker Hill and Pineridge developments.

    Thank you for your prompt payment!

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  • A Pinebrook Pool for 2022

    Over the last four months, the Pinebrook Pool Committee has been working to bring a new non-profit membership-based pool facility to Pinebrook to be built on a parcel of land adjacent to Pinebrook Park. Because the pool facility cannot be built with homeowner association funds, it must be member funded and can only be built if there is enough interest (ideally 200 Pinebrook households).  During the week of December 14th all homeowners within our homeowner association should receive a postcard in their mailbox with information on the project. The postcard provides some basic information, and more details, including information on how to become a member, can be found at the pool website at pool4pinebrook.weebly.com.  There will be virtual information sessions on January 12th and 14th (see details on the pool website). Signed membership agreements and deposits need to be submitted by January 31st, and initial memberships will be limited to the first 200 received.  A waitlist will be established if more than 200 signed membership agreements are received.  Please send any questions to pool4pinebrook@gmail.com after reviewing the pool website.  

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  • PBHOA Annual Meeting Notice 2020

    NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the annual meeting of the members of the Pinebrook Homeowners Association will be held virtually on Tuesday, December 1st, 2020 commencing at 7:00 p.m. The following matters of business will be transacted during the meeting:

    1. Presentation and review of 2019 financial statements and operating budget for 2020.
    2. General update of PHOA activities and community projects.
    3. Discuss fire mitigation efforts completed jointly by the Pinebrook Homeowners Association and Pinebrook Master Association.
    4. Election to fill three, three-year term seats on the board of directors.
    5. Discussion of any other matters of business properly brought before the board of directors.


    1. To attend the virtual meeting, you must submit an email to the Association by 5pm on November 30th with your Pinebrook property address and contact information. This serves as notification of your attendance. The Association will respond via email with a link to the virtual meeting and a PDF document of the meeting package.
    2. If you are unable to attend the meeting, you may complete and return a proxy. The proxy will give you the option of designating the Association or a homeowner to vote on your behalf. If a member is designated, the member must submit an email to the Association notifying them of their attendance as outlined above. Proxies designating the Association must be delivered by 5pm on Monday, November 30th via email to info@pbhoa.org, mailed or delivered to the Pinebrook Homeowners Association at 7950 Pinebrook Road, Park City, UT 84098, or faxed to 435-649-8126.
    1. Members interested in serving on the board or who would like to nominate another member must submit their request or nomination by 5pm, November 30th via the options above. A short biography of themselves or the nominee must be submitted, including Pinebrook address, years living in Pinebrook and reasons to be considered for the board.
    2. Elections will be held during the virtual meeting. If there are nominations in addition to the incumbents, ballots will be emailed to the attending owners and must be returned to the Association via the options indicated above by no later than 12pm on Wednesday, December 2nd. Only members who are current in the payment of assessments are entitled to vote at the meeting.

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  • Planned Control Burn of slash Piles in Toll Canyon Open Space.

    Under the direction of the Summit County Fire Warden and Alpine Forestry, Basin Recreation has scheduled a control burn in Toll Canyon Open Space starting Wednesday, November 11 through Friday, November 13.  Burning operations strictly conform to all required county permitting, ideal weather conditions and air quality regulations to ensure safety. In total, one hundred sixty-six (166) slash piles will be burned, promoting forest health and fuel reduction goals.  The area will remain open during burning.

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