• September Board Meeting 9-10-19

    Because of the Labor Day holiday, the September PHOA board meeting has been moved to Tuesday, September 10th at 7pm at the offices of Gorgoza Mutual Water Company. As always, members of the PHOA are welcome to attend.

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    Pinebrook Master Association and Pinebrook Homeowners Association have contracted with Summitt Forests of Ashland, Oregon to do fire prevention related work on two of our community owned properties.  Later in the summer or early in the fall, tree removal work will be performed on eight acres adjacent to upper Pinebrook Road and lower Canyon Drive, and Oak Brush removal work will be performed on two acres adjacent to Dan’s Crest Trail between Canyon Drive and Hitching Post Drive.  The objectives of these projects are fuel reduction and creation of fire breaks.

    Summitt Forests has agreed to take on individual homeowner fuel reduction project work while working here in Pinebrook, subject to the work being performed similarly to the work being performed on our community property and with the understanding that they do not offer any arborist services.  We believe that for those homeowners in our neighborhood that are looking to remove a moderate or large amount of dead trees and/or a large amount of Oak Brush that these services will be a very cost effective alternative to having the work performed by our local tree companies. Any work being done on a homeowner’s property will be subject to a contract being executed between the homeowner and Summitt Forests directly with all costs paid by homeowners directly to Summitt Forests.

    If you are interested in having Summitt Forests evaluate the work on your property, please send an email as soon as possible to both David Geffen at dgeffen.pinebrook@yahoo.com and Don Brownatdonb@utahskies.org with some general information about your situation.  David and Don can share some additional information about the services to be provided if you have questions.  We will be aggregating the homeowner requests and will pass them on to Summitt Forests and then they will be in touch with you to discuss your needs.  Additionally, if you have any questions about the work to be performed on our community owned properties, please contact David and Don.

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  • Construction Detours

    The roundabout construction is in full swing and will continue for several more months. Please be courteous to neighborhoods and business and follow the detour signs to get where you are going. Shortcuts through private and business access roads is dangerous and puts significant traffic burdens on roads that were never intended to be through-street. Thank you for your cooperation.

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  • Fireworks are Prohibited

    Just a reminder that the Rules and Regulations adopted by the Pinebrook HOA last year prohibit fireworks. Nevertheless, the PMA has requested additional security patrols for July 4th. Even though Summit County has not banned fireworks this year and other HOA’s in Pinebrook (there are 13 of them) may not prohibit fireworks in their neighborhoods, we live in the mountains and fireworks are a major threat to our community this time of year. Please follow the Rules, or use fireworks responsibly and have a safe 4th of July holiday!

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  • Calling for Pinebrook Volunteers on Saturday, June 29th 9am to 1pm.

    Pinebrook is about to undertake its first volunteer fire safety event of 2019.  There are a number of downed trees just above Canyon Drive Court on the side of Canyon Road on Pinebrook Master Association property and we are looking for volunteers to assist with cutting up these trees and moving them to the side of the street where they can be picked up by members of our community for use as firewood.  We are specifically looking for 5-10 individuals with chainsaws or chainsaw experience to assist in cutting down the trees, a few individuals to help move the cut logs down to the side of the road, and possibly a photographer to record the event with some before, during and after photos.  The meeting location is the corner of Canyon Drive Court and Canyon Road at 9am on Saturday June 29th.  To RSVP or if you have any questions, please email dgeffen.pinebrook@yahoo.com.  Thanks in advance for spreading the word and for joining us if you’re able.  Look for more announcements about other Pinebrook volunteer fire safety events here in coming months and if you haven’t joined our Pinebrook Fire Safety Committee email list yet, please send an email with your name, physical address and email address to dgeffen.pinebrook@yahoo.com.

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  • E-Bike Safety and Use on Pinebrook Trails

    As many of you are aware, electric assisted bikes (E-bikes) are becoming quite popular in our community. Pinebrook’s private trail system is a multi-use system intended to provide enjoyment for hikers, runners and bikers. However, safety concerns have been raised regarding the use of E-bikes on the trails, primarily because of the weight of E-bikes and the speed in which they can travel both uphill and downhill. Park City and Mountain Trails Foundation enthusiastically support the use of E-bikes on paved, multi-use pathways but do not allow them on single-track trails. The Pinebrook HOA endorses their position. Please do not ride E-bikes on the single-track trails in Pinebrook, both for the safety of the rider and that of the other trail users. Thank you.

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  • Board Meeting August 6th

    The next regular meeting of the Pinebrook HOA board is scheduled for Tuesday, August 6th. There will not be a board meeting in July. As always, members are welcome to attend, and if you have anything specific to discuss please contact the HOA through the website to be added to the agenda. Thank you.

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  • Wildfire Safety and Preparedness

    Summit County Fire Warden Bryce Boyer will present on neighborhood fire safety plans for Pinebrook/Summit County. Please plan on attending Wednesday May 29 at 7p.m. at the Park City Day School.

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    Dumpsters and wood chipper will be provided by the Pinebrook Master Association and Pinebrook Homeowners Association again this year from Saturday, May 25th to Sunday, June 2nd. They will be in the usual location in the parking lot of the Pinebrook Park. In the past few years, use of the dumpsters has increasingly been abused by non-residents, landscape companies, after-hour dumping in the parking lot (not in the dumpsters), and dumping of toxic and hazardous materials. Crews may implement additional screening and security measures this year to help control and manage the cleanup efforts. Continued abuse could ultimately lead to discontinuation of this highly valued service. Please:

    1.) Do not invite your friends in neighboring communities to use Pinebrook’s dumpsters.

    2.) All disposed materials must be placed in the dumpsters and wood stacked in marked locations for chipping. Do not dump truckloads of debris in the parking lot for the crews to pick up and dispose of in the dumpsters.

    3.) If you hire a landscape company to help with spring cleanup, please make sure they are only acting on your behalf. They are not allowed to dispose of waste and debris from other customers in other neighborhoods.

    4.) Do not dump anything toxic or hazardous! NO paint, paint rags, tires, propane tanks, chemicals, needles and medical waste, batteries, etc. Save those for Summit County’s Hazard Material Collection event on April 27th instead.

    5.) If you are unable to haul your trees or branches to the park to be chipped, you will need to contact a private chipping service or the Park City Fire District to sign up for their free mobile chipping service. Their schedule will fill quickly, so don’t delay. THE PHOA DOES NOT PROVIDE MOBILE CHIPPING SERVICES.

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  • Invasive Weed Mitigation

    The Summit County Cooperative Weed Management Area (Summit County CWM) in cooperation with the Summit County and Salt Lake Weed Control Departments, Park City, and Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District, have been awarded a competitive grant from the Utah State Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) to map and treat two state listed noxious weeds, garlic mustard and spotted knapweed.

    Please help us contain the spread of these high priority invasive plants by participating in this county wide management effort. Read more here.

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